Wyoming Babes

The BABES is a womens-only cluster that started in 2006 with a handful of Wyoming (OH) women who liked to ride, then decided to become better cyclists together. We started hosting "BRA” rides for new female cyclists—offering “all the support you need.” The group quickly grew and we now have a community of more than 30 women who ride regularly. No matter your cycling experience, we want to encourage you to come out with us! Most rides start in Wyoming at the public parking lot beside the Robinson Dry Cleaner's on Wyoming Avenue at Springfield Pike. Routes vary but we post distance and speed. For more information, call Cindy at 884-8724 or email Susan.

BRA Ride

When: Saturdays-Times vary by season
Where: Wyoming Dry Cleaners at 11 Wyoming Ave, Wyoming, OH 45215
Length: Varies each week but we are training for a 279 mile four day tour over Labor Day weekend so these rides can vary from 20-60 miles.
Routes: Varies each week
Difficulty Rating: Beginner to Intermediate with multiple speed groups from mostly averaging between 12 mph to 15 mph and there may be some hills. This is a no drop ride, meaning that we will regroup at major intersections and at the top of hill climbs.