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HomeBoard Members

 President Fred Ferguson   
 Vice President Patrick Henry
Secretary Sheila Boggs
Treasurer James Beene

 Membership Wayne Glover
 Licking Valley Century 
(Ride Director)
Abby Otillio
Great Pumpkin Roll Gran Fondo  
(Ride Director)
 Keith Curran
Club Liaison (outside metro area) Alex Trinidad  
Club Liaison (inside metro area) (OH) - David Dennerll 
(KY) - Susan Tomboly
Charity Director OPEN OPEN
Communications Director (to club and media) Catherine Vaughan
Safety Director Susan Sherman
Social Media Director Kyle Harris
Social Events Director Sheila Boggs
Volunteer Director Sandra Trinidad
Newsletter Director Melissa Bubash

Cluster Leaders
 Bicycle Touring  John Crook
 Northern Kentucky  Susan Tomboly
 Westside Spokes in Motion  Garfield Eaton
 Warren County Kevin Preston  
 Hyde Park - Oakley Jake Marsac
 Northeast OPEN OPEN
 Northwest Monica Sakamoto
 Easy Riders / Casual  Bob Myers